November 26th    Text: Matthew 25:31-46  Theme: Christ the King Sunday

2017 Advent Sermon Series     “Goodness and Light”

Advent is a season of waiting and preparing. In one sense we anticipate the celebration of Christ’s birth – his coming as a babe in the manger. In another sense we anticipate his coming in in glory – his return and realization of his kingdom on earth as it is in heaven. The theme God’s kingdom revealed in Christ as being both already and not yet is the tension which we live in. In the popular Christmas song, “Do You Hear What I Hear?”, it says that Christ will “bring us goodness and light.” That lyric helps to encapsulate the longing of our hearts – goodness in the midst of evil, light in the midst of darkness. This advent series will enable us to focus on the traditional themes of the season: hope, peace, joy, and love. These qualities are gifts to the world given by God through Christ, and by extension, by Christ’s body, the Church. May we not only receive the gifts of hope, peace, joy, and love this season, but may we offer them to the world by offering them Christ – the One who brings us goodness and light.

December 3rd – Advent 1 – Text: Isaiah 64:1-9 and Mark 13:24-37   Theme: Hope

December 10th – Advent 2 – Choir Cantata at 9:00 a.m.

December 10th – Advent 2 – Text: Isaiah 40:1-11 & Mark 1:1-8   Theme: Peace At 10:30 a.m.

December 17th – Advent 3  – Text: Isaiah 61:1-4, 8-11 & Luke 1:46b-55    Theme: Joy

December 24th – Advent 4 – Text: 2 Samuel 7:1-11, 16 & Luke 1:26-38    Theme: Love

December 24th – Christmas Eve Services (5:30p.m. 7:30p.m. & 11:00p.m.) – Text: Isaiah 9:2-7 & Luke 2:1-20  Theme: Light