Vacation Bible School (VBS)

August 3- August 7th, 2020

9 AM – 11:30 AM (stay ‘til 12:30 PM for Friday’s party)

For kids, ages 4-12 (potty trained, please!)


Join Saul / Paul in learning that: 

  • Jesus’ power helps us do hard things; 
  • Jesus’ power gives us hope; 
  • Jesus’ power helps us be bold; 
  • Jesus’ power lets us live forever; and 
  • Jesus’ power helps us to be good friends.  

Join Peter and John as they heal a lame man.  Join Ananias as he prepares to meet Saul, who is known for bullying and beating Christians.  Join Paul as he is caught in a shipwreck!  Join Jesus through his death and resurrection.  It all happens at “ROCKY RAILWAY” VBS, where Jesus’ power pulls us through!

Register at: or pick up a form at Riverside UMC.

Contact Vicki Rich for info: / 614-330-4357