All Are Welcome

Our goal as a youth group is to figure out together what it means to be disciples of Christ, and to follow what Jesus laid out as the two greatest commandments: love God, and love your neighbor. We are committed to being a supportive community that strives to hold one another up and walk alongside one another in faith.


Cedar Point Trip

Thursday, June 6th 2019

7am (meet at church) -11pm (return to church)


Join us on Thursday June 6th for a Youth Group Trip to Cedar Point! All youth grades 6-12 are welcome, and you can bring friends! Everyone will be responsible for purchasing their own ticket (I recommend buying online or at a grocery store, both are cheaper than purchasing at the park) but please don’t let the cost of admission keep you from coming- just let Jenna know if you’d like her to grab you a ticket!

We will meet at the church at 7am and plan to get to the park right as it opens at 10am. It’s a 2.5 hour drive, and we’ll make a stop at a McDonalds for breakfast/bathroom break about halfway there. We will stay until the park closes at 8pm and return to the church around 11pm.

Dress comfortably (I HIGHLY recommend tennis shoes/ athletic shoes, you’ll be on your feet for many hours) and think about whether you plan to ride any water rides and if you’ll need a spare set of clothes or your bathing suit. Students will be allowed to walk around the park in their own groups, but may not leave the park for any reason without the express knowledge and permission of Jenna. Students will be required to text Jenna every few hours to check in, and Jenna will remain available and reachable at all times during the day.

Please sign-up by Monday June 3rd so I can be sure we have enough transportation! Youth who sign up will be emailed a form to fill out and bring with them day-of, it’s our liability release form that is standard for all youth trips.


2019 Youth Events and Activities

YOUTH FELLOWSHIP, Sunday Evenings from 5:30-7pm

Youth Fellowship is a time for us to gather to share a meal, some fellowship, and a devotional. All youth grades 6-12 are invited to join us on Sunday Evenings, and we encourage you to bring friends!

Sunday School, 9am on Sunday Mornings

All youth grades 6-12 are invited to join us for Sunday School every week at 9am during out traditional service. We will study scripture from the Old Testament leading up to Advent, then from January – May we will study the New Testament. Sunday School is scripture-based learning and is a great place to begin studying your Bible!


Check out this video from a past summer of trips! 

Lakeside For Youth

This is our Summer Camp opportunity for our youth. There are two weeks of Camp-

  • Sr. High Lakeside – June 23-29th, 2019
  • Jr. High Lakeside- July 1-5th, 2019

For more information on what happens at Camp, check out our Lakeside for Youth page and visit their website at 

ASP- Appalachia Service Project, June 16-22nd 2019

Senior High Mission Trip- You do not need to have any construction experience to go on ASP. We learn as we go, and will place new beginners with experienced ASP volunteers to ensure that every team is equipped to succeed. Cost is $85.

Our goal is to help make homes in Appalachia warmer, safer, and drier while sharing the Gospel.

For more information, see our page on Youth Mission Trips 

JH Mission Trip, July 22-26th  2019

We work with Jackson Area Ministries to build wheelchair ramps and complete small repair projects on homes in southern Ohio. No construction experience is needed and we love having first-timers with us! Cost is $75.

Our goal is to be the hands and feet of Christ as we meet the real needs of God’s people.

For more information, see our page on Youth Mission Trips 

Questions? Email Jenna Link, Youth Ministries Director.