Confirmation 2016-2017

Who can participate?

Riverside runs confirmation every other year for youth in 7th grade and above.

Goals of the Program

Confirmation in the United Methodist Church is the process of affirming the promises that were made by your parents at your baptism and taking on full membership in your local church.

Our goal in Confirmation at Riverside is to ensure that each youth finishes the program knowing the story of God’s people from scripture, and knowing how they fit into that story. We want them to understand the Gospel both in the broad context of history, and also in a personal way as it pertains to them individually. We also want the youth to learn what it means to be a part of the Church- both locally and in a broader context.

Program Structure

Our program consists of three main components:

  1. Classes with Pastor David, Pastor Herman, and Jenna that teach the broad story of scripture from Genesis through Revelation. These will run once or twice a month from October through May.
  2. Individual (or 2-1) mentoring sessions where each youth (or pair of youth depending on their preference) is partnered with an adult mentor in the church to read through the gospel of John in a 10 part Bible Study. Youth will meet with their mentors on their own schedules- whenever it works out best for them.
  3. Two retreats: one in the fall at Camp Otterbein, and one lock-in at Riverside in the late winter/early spring. Our first retreat will focus on the purpose of Church, the Body of Christ- including learning about the sacraments, worship, prayer, and community in addition to studying scripture. Our lock-in will be all about the Holy Spirit and our understanding of the Trinity.


There is no cost to participate in the Confirmation Program on the whole. We do ask for $20 for our first retreat just to help cover the cost of using the camp’s facilities, but scholarships are available to ensure that everyone will be able to participate.


Youth are free to pick their own adult mentors (we ask that it not be a parent) and who they would like to be paired with (if they prefer not to do one-on-one sessions); or we are happy to assist you in finding a mentor.


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