Welcome!  What if everything you currently know and love about Jesus is only the tip of the iceberg? What if all of the influence and guidance that you have allowed Him to have in your life is only a fraction of the influence and guidance He actually desires to have? What if all the joy, all the peace, all the hope and all the love you have received from Him is only the beginning? What if there is more of Jesus, much, much more, and what if this is not far off, not hidden, not unreachable, but in fact just around the corner? And what if, through the Holy Spirit He is just waiting for you to ask, just waiting for you to do something simple to receive what is next?

At Riverside we understand that there is always more to know about Jesus than we already know. We believe that there is always more of our life that we can surrender to Him and that all the joy, peace, hope and love we have received from Him is only the beginning. And we believe that the Holy Spirit is close by, and just waiting for us to ask.

Worship Styles and Times
We have two services of worship on Sunday morning. All are welcome to come as you are and dressed as you are comfortable.

Feel free to carry your coffee with you in to service, pick up a bulletin, and sit wherever you’d like.

  • We worship at 9:00am in our Sanctuary for those longing for a traditional worship experience.
  • We worship at 10:30a.m. in our Fellowship Hall for contemporary service of worship and praise.

There is Sunday School for children of all ages at both services. We have an adult staffed nursery for all services.

2701 Zollinger Rd., Columbus OH
Parking lot is in the back, and the main entrance is the two doors under the awning off of the parking lot.